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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Ways to Overcome Depression With Self Acceptance

Ways to Overcome Depression With Self Acceptance

Depression is a disorder of feelings or moods that causes feelings of sadness that are persistent and difficult to disappear.

Depression causes a person to lose enthusiasm and interest in things that are liked, difficulty in carrying out normal routines, sometimes even feeling like wanting to end life.

This condition cannot be left alone because it will disrupt health conditions, both mental and physical.

James Madison University Professor of Psychology Gregg Henriques revealed, when experiencing depression, the first step to take is to realize that you are not alone.

"Focus on awareness and acceptance rather than resistance and conflict. This in the end can be done with compassion for ourselves and others, "he said, quoted from Psychologytoday, Saturday (1/6/2019).

Henriques continued, the next step that is no less important is to face the problems experienced. It's sad and draining of mind and energy, but facing problems is the best solution to solve them.

Convince yourself that everything will improve in time. The only strength that can be relied on is hope. If you still believe that there is good hope ahead, everything will improve, so you will be strong in the face of the current depressive episode

"The point is, you need to change your attitude. Changed from the attitude of running away or burying depression into the attitude to dare to see it. This may feel daunting and may seem contrary to what your instincts say, "he explained.

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