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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Tips for Fasting for Breastfeeding Mothers To Keep Breast Milk Smooth

Tips for Fasting for Breastfeeding Mothers To Keep Breast Milk Smooth

Nursing mothers may be hesitant when going to fasting. Because, the thought arises when fasting a body lacking fluids and nutrient intake will affect the quality of breast milk (ASI).

Some doctors think that fasting will not interfere with breast milk production. Nursing mothers who fast will still produce milk of the same quality. But keep in mind, do not let the weight of breastfeeding mothers drop dramatically because it will reduce the fat content in breast milk.

Meanwhile, several other doctors said that giving breast milk to the baby will make the mother dehydrated while fasting.

To answer these concerns, here are some tips cited from the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health's posting on its Instagram account, @kemenkes_ri.

1. Pay attention to the age of the child

Infants under 6 months are very dependent on breast milk, because they do not get other food intake. So, you need to pay attention to food intake for the mother to prevent babies from being malnourished.

2. Drink enough to avoid dehydration

Often when fasting makes the human body lack of fluids. Overcome this by adjusting the correct drinking pattern. The drinking pattern 2-4-2 can be applied. That is, two glasses when breaking fast, four glasses at night, and two glasses at dawn. Can also be added with fruit juice and milk.

3. Set the portion of food

Mothers who are breastfeeding are required to eat sahur and break their fast. The choice of foods recommended for nursing mothers such as broccoli, spinach, katuk, kidney beans, eggs, fish, and lean meat.

4. Pump and breastfeed as much as possible at night

This is recommended because the more often the milk is emptied, the more smoothly the production will be.

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