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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Take care of your child from diabetes

Take care of your child from diabetes

Keeping children and families healthy is certainly the desire of all parents in the world, including those with diabetes or obesity, which later increasingly occur not only in elderly people but also children.

Data International Diabetes Federation in 2017 found that one-third of prediabetes sufferers in the world are currently 20 years-39 years old. In fact, a few decades before this age rate of people with sugar disease was in the range of 50 years and above.

From the same data, it was mentioned that Indonesia is even one of the 6th highest diabetics with around 10.3 million people experiencing a disorder.

An internal medicine specialist at Bhakti Asih General Hospital, Bhanu, said that the statistics of diabetics in Indonesia alone now show a variety of ages ranging from children to the elderly.

He mentioned the factors of diabetes are indeed very diverse, but there are two main keys. First, genetic factors that increase the risk of diabetes. Second, environmental factors that trigger factors from these genes or even produce the possibility of people being obese.

Of the two main factors, Doctor Bhanu stressed on environmental factors that need to be managed as well as possible because eating habits that exist today are arguably very worrying for children's health, especially for diabetes. The reason is, children tend to like sweet and colorful foods that store very high sugar content.

According to Bhanu, the thing that needs to be considered harder is for teenagers who have the habit of "hanging out pretty" with treats of food and drinks that almost certainly contain excess sugar.

Though the recommended sugar consumption every day is only 50 grams per day or as easy as 4 tablespoons of sugar to eat. Meanwhile, the average type of coffee drinks are often consumed and many are sold using about 2 tablespoons of sugar. So the possibility of environmental factors having an impact on childhood diabetes is currently very high.

"We often hang out now. The coffee coffees continue to snack on cakes with sweet cream. If every day like that, how do you want it to be healthy? Or avoid this diabetes? Indeed this is a challenge faced now, but that does not mean there is no way to prevent it, "he said.

Therefore, Bhanu advises parents to start a healthy lifestyle. For example, by using low-calorie sugar while at home or choosing food more carefully when eating together outside.

Bhanu also emphasized the need for diabetes education for children. For this reason, the parents must first understand this. Only later, parents can convey to children not to consume foods and drinks that have excessive sugar levels.

Finally, the advice from Bhanu is to exercise. Because, to stay healthy is not enough just to have the right diet but also requires exercise as a dessert from the lifestyle that is applied.

"Inevitably the sport is still necessary. But remember sports are routine activities. Many are now mistakenly thinking that if it has gone a long way it means it's already sports, even though it isn't. There must be a schedule and be carried out continuously, even though the time is short but still routine, "he said.

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