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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Is It Really Slow Food Chewing Can Reduce Weight?

Is It Really Slow Food Chewing Can Reduce Weight?

In addition to exercise and healthy eating, there are several other ways that can help you lose weight. One way is to slowly chew food.

In terms of losing weight, chewing food can help better absorb nutrients and increase digestion.

In a study conducted in a city in the state of Lowa, it proved this, citing information from Medicaldaily. This study involved 45 adults in a randomized clinical trial. They are respondents with normal weight, being overweight, and obese.

The researchers first assessed the initial amount of chewing before swallowing. The respondents were then asked to chew pizza at lunch at the levels of 100%, 150%, and 200% above the baseline set.

For respondents who chewed food at a higher level, namely 150% and 200%, the food consumed decreased by 9.5% and 14.8% respectively. This proves that chewing food slowly reduces food intake.

In another study aimed at investigating the effects of chewing on hormonal balance and energy levels, it was found that 15 times the chewing compared to 40 times the chewing caused a decrease in energy levels and a decrease in ghrelin levels.

This study explains, after digesting food, the hormone ghrelin is suppressed because the brain receives a signal that the stomach is full, thereby reducing appetite.

The researchers noted that the slow chewing process gave the brain enough time to process information that food had been consumed.

Meanwhile, weight loss is triggered by chewing slowly because the brain receives signals comfortably, while different body parts coordinate to relieve hunger.

Research conducted by the School of Public Health at Harbin Medical University, China, involved 16 thin men and 14 fat men.

These studies basically show that eating with care and patience will help the process of weight loss.

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