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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Improve health - Use this useful methods

Improve health - Use this useful methods

How to Improve Health
Who wants to be sick? Not only does the disease repeat the human being but it also makes the pockets empty. Due to this, your health remains, you can not go to work or school, You can not earn and do not even look at your family. Otherwise you have to take care of yourself and maybe you have to spend heavy money on medicines and medicines.

What someone has said is that "diet is better than cure." There are some diseases that we can not survive. Still you can take some precautions that are likely to suffer from some diseases. It can either be either reduced or over completely. Let's consider five ways you can improve your health.

 Hand Wash Well
According to many health institutions, one of the best ways to prevent hand-washing and their spread-out is usually because of people, cold and fluid because they get nose or eyes with dirty hands. The best way to avoid these diseases is that you often wash hands in the day. By applying hygiene principles, you can also avoid serious illnesses such as samples and cats etc. Every year more than 20 million children suffer from death, which are less than five years old. Ebola is adopting a minor habit of hand washing. The likelihood of spreading such anxiety can also be reduced.

In some cases hand washing is very important to prevent our health or other health, for example:

  • After using the tile
  • After changing the kidneys or pissing them off
  • Before and after a mourning injury
  • Before meeting a sick person and after meeting
  • Before cutting, cooking, eating and offering others etc. vegetables or meat
  • After stopping, coughing or nose clearing
  • After touching an animal or its waste
  • After throwing the trash

Remember that hand washing does not mean that your hands are really clean. Research has shown that many people use public tiles, many of them do not wash hands and if they wash So do not wash properly, then what is the right way to wash hands?
Put the hands under the first tap and wet it well and then apply soap.
Get handsome for 20 seconds.
Wash with clean water.
Dry the tissue or clean towel.
All these things seem minor, but they can prevent diseases and prevent people from going to death.

Use Clean Water
In some countries, people have to work hard to get clean water. But in countries where clean water is available, there is flood, stormy storm, water piping, or any other reason for cleanliness. It can be difficult to get water. If such a place is not clear from where the water is coming or it is not properly stored water, then drinking such a water can enter dangerous germs inside you. Every year, there are approximately 1 billion 70 million people suffering from dysfunction every year, a divergence of diabetes, typhoid, hepatitis or cure. Drinking contaminated water.

You can take some precautions that may either reduce or decrease in some diseases.

Hormones usually occur due to drinking water or eating such a meal that contains germs in the patient's treatment. Whether water is polluted due to or because of any other problem, How can you avoid diseases?

Keep in mind that you always use clean water for drinking, teeth, ice cream, washing vegetables, cooking and washing the dishes. In many countries, water supply of public water or good company is often protected. It happens

If you feel that water mixed with pipe is contaminated, use it properly to boil it or use water purification medicines before using it.

When you use chlorine or any other medication, carefully follow the instructions of the company.

If you have standard filters available in your country and you can buy them, use them to clean water.

If no water purification or filtering material is available, add a mixture of water to the water. Mix only two drops in one liter water, then heat it well and allow it for 30 minutes. Use it later. .

Always keep the water covered in clean vessels or bottles so that it is not contaminated again.

Keep in mind that whatever you use to get water out of vessels, it is also clean.

Wash the water vessels or bottles before catching. Do not put your hands or fingers in the drinking water.

Be Careful in Eating Foods - Eating healthy foods
For good health, it is important that you eat balanced and nutritional food. Keep in mind that you do not use too much salt, grease and sugar and do not eat more than once at all. Fruit in your diet And add vegetables

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