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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Here's how to deal with asthma due to stress

Here's how to deal with asthma due to stress

The demands of daily life are often stressful. Depressed conditions often affect health, one of which triggers asthma.

Reporting from Medicaldaily, Tuesday (06/19/2019), according to Asthma UK, about 43% of people who suffer from asthma say that stress is one of the main symptoms of asthma.

This shows that people with asthma triggered by stress are more vulnerable to frequent attacks.

So, how to manage stress to minimize the incidence of asthma?

The right step to help relieve stress and asthma is a simple, but effective lifestyle change.

Along with following prescription drugs, asthma sufferers can do sports activities, eat healthier and get enough rest at night.

In addition, you can also do meditation, counseling, and yoga practice, or other forms of meditation that can relieve stressful conditions.

In addition, managing asthma for the long term can also be done to make health conditions better, namely through intensive care.

This treatment can be by using an inhaler or nebulizer, both of which effectively help relieve an asthma attack. It would be better if you visit a doctor for a recommended treatment plan.

The point is more often trying to manage stress because the condition is a direct trigger for asthma episodes.

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