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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Get to know the causes of brain cancer, a disease that is afflicted by the great Hercules

Get to know the causes of brain cancer, a disease that is afflicted by the great Hercules

The entertainment world was again bullied with the news of a former bodybuilder and singer of the Great Dangdut Hercules who was known to be attacked by a deadly disease, brain cancer.

His figure who is always cheerful and excited slowly fades with his condition which is no longer improving at this time.

Agung is known to have had brain cancer since a year ago and he has undergone chemotherapy. Agung is now lying in the Tangerang City General Hospital.

Reporting from the page, the causes of brain cancer can consist of various kinds, as described below:

Genetic Factors
One of the main factors why a person can develop brain cancer is due to genetic problems including a history of cancer from the family. Human cells usually develop through DNA, like other types of cancer, the possibility of developing brain cancer can be due to derivatives.

One of the other causes of brain cancer besides genetic factors is smoking. Although the smoking habit is more likely to attack the lungs, but the potential for developing brain cancer is also not as great. Given that cigarettes contain chemicals that can damage cells in the brain.

Unhealthy Food
There are two types of foods that can increase the risk of brain cancer including artificial sweeteners, salty foods, fatty red meat, processed meat to alcohol.

Even though all ages can potentially suffer from brain cancer, people who have advanced age can potentially have brain cancer than younger people. This is because the immune system to fight disease cells has begun to age.

Never Obesity
The risk of brain cancer for people who have or are obese is very high considering that their lifestyle is not maintained. Therefore, keep your Body Mass Index (BMI) at 25 and below.

Having HIV / AIDS
HIV / AIDS sufferers have a higher risk of developing brain cancer than some of the causes above, given that people with this disease are generally very vulnerable to cancer cells and their immune systems are very low.

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