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Thursday, 20 June 2019

6 Ways to Maintain Mental Health

6 Ways to Maintain Mental Health

Have you ever felt like the only person who lives in chaos, while others out there live comfortably, proudly and freely? If yes, you are not alone. Humans do have internal struggles in themselves that are difficult to express, but greatly affect their lives. How someone recognizes and controls his internal condition, that is what is called mental health.

Anyone can experience problems in his mental health. Recorded, 1 in 5 people are predicted to experience mental illness, both mild and severe. Stigma of mental illness is not only considered taboo, because anyone can experience mental disorders.

Because mental problems can happen to anyone, it is good to know how to improve mental health. Here's how to improve mental health according to Psychology Today:

1. Friendship with pets

Many people who experience mental illness become socially isolated so having a pet can give love and friendship without judgment. Having a pet can also help reduce symptoms of depression and increase the hormone oxytocin.

2. Spirituality

Spirituality is not only talking about religion and institutions. Spirituality becomes beneficial for mental health when expressed correctly. Spiritulity in every person can be different, some feel calm with religion, some choose to establish relationships with humans and God in their own way.

3. Humor

Laughter and humor can have a positive impact on mental and physical health.

Humor and laughter can relieve pain, strengthen the immune system, help people deal with stress, build relationships with others, and create positive emotions.

4. Live in balance

Long working hours, broken relationships with friends, and no time to enjoy life because work is the highest factor causing stress and mental health problems. You must have the courage to set healthy boundaries to get a balance of life.

5. Recreation

Physical activities such as sports, recreation, creative activities, etc. can improve social, psychological, and physical health. It can also expand social networks and reduce social isolation.

6. Social connections

Connecting with other people in the community can help you get better mental health. Choose a place where you can grow, whether it's a social community, volunteering, or taking a skills class. Whatever it is, friends with more people will help you.

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