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Thursday, 20 June 2019

3 Effective Sports Burn Calories After Eating Lots During Eid

3 Effective Sports Burn Calories After Eating Lots During Eid

Increasing body weight is indeed a scourge that haunts people at the moment of Eid. Why not, the amount of food that is served makes us not hesitate to eat it many times.

In order to increase the body does not occur, in addition to reducing food rations, one way to maintain an ideal body weight is to do fat burning activities.

Quoted from, here are 3 types of exercise that effectively burn fat after eating a lot.

1. Yoga

If you eat too much, intense exercise seems too aggressive. Yoga is one sport that makes your body return to normal within 15 minutes.

According to Yoga Tamal instructor Dogde Suksana and Easy Pose movements are the mainstays to help smooth digestion and increase energy levels.

2. Jogging

An easy way for food to be absorbed properly and burned by itself is to do jogging activities a few minutes after a big meal. Sports coach Ariana Hundt says jogging is the most appropriate sport for you who have just eaten a lot.

3. Plank and Crunches

After eating a lot, it's important to pay attention to the fat deposits in the body. The best way to avoid food being a fat pile is to do muscle sports such as plank and crunches which are useful for training the abdominal muscles to prevent fat buildup in it.

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