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Thursday, 20 June 2019

10 Foods That Can Cause Nightmares

10 Foods That Can Cause Nightmares

Everyone must have experienced nightmares while sleeping. Especially when they sleep at night.

There are many causes of nightmares. And the food that we consume also can cause us to experience nightmares.

So, if you often experience nightmares, it's good to start checking what type of food you consume. Researchers have proven the correlation between diet and nightmares. It was emphasized that the involvement of starchy and sweet foods is one of the main reasons that contributed to this.

Here are 10 foods that can cause nightmares, as quoted from

1. Cheese

Rich in calories and fat, eating dairy products before going to bed can cause the person to experience nightmares. This is because the body still functions at full speed to digest cheese, blocking your hours of sleep with unpleasant thoughts. A 2005 study conducted by the British Cheese Board agreed with the statement that cheese can cause nightmares.

2. Ice cream

Eating ice cream before going to bed can cause the body's metabolism to shift which in turn can increase brain activity. Your brain goes into conflict mode without knowing what to do with excess energy, triggering a nightmare.

3. Hot sauce

Research has revealed that eating spicy foods before bed can interfere with deep sleep because spices in hot sauce increase your body temperature; which in turn changes dream formation during your REM cycle [4]. Spicy food is often associated with nightmares because they need more effort from the body to digest this food.

4. Alcohol

Drinking wine, beer and other drinks that are excessive before going to bed can make it difficult for you to sleep well. According to a study conducted to understand the impact of alcohol on sleep, it was stated that, although alcohol is a sedative, the effect disappears at night causing intense and realistic nightmares.

5. Foods that contain caffeine

Consuming coffee, frozen yogurt, and other foods with caffeine can increase your body's metabolism and increase brain activity - disrupt your sleep and cause nightmares.

6. Sweet foods

According to one study, about 31 percent of the study participants had nightmares after eating sweet foods. Psychologists also show that eating sweet foods like cakes, cakes can cause nightmares.

7. Chocolate

After sweets and dairy products, chocolate is one of the most frequent causes of nightmares. High in caffeine and sugar, eating chocolate before bed reduces your ability to sleep soundly and cause nightmares [7]. Drinking hot chocolate is also a major cause of nightmares.

8. Chips

Consuming fatty fast food can cause irritation to your digestive tract, making it difficult to sleep well. About 12.5%   of all disturbing dreams are caused by consumption of junk food such as chips, as one study noted.

9. Pasta

Given the sugar and carbohydrates contained in the pasta, it's not surprising that pasta is included in this list. This is because they are converted to glucose in the body and therefore have the same effect as sweet foods [6]. Also avoid consuming bread containing flour.

10. Soda

The content of caffeine and sugar, as well as the additives in these soft drinks, are the cause of nightmares. Research has shown that participants who drank soda even in the early part of the day reported experiencing nightmares, most likely due to caffeine and sugar content.

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