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Thursday, 20 June 2019

June 20, 2019

11 These Natural Ingredients Are Powerful To Reduce Cough

When seasons change usually attacks coughs and colds. Coughing is a common problem and many free products are available to deal with it.However, most cough medicines make us very sleepy and weak. In addition, they only work to relieve coughing and not resolve the root of the problem. That is why many of us use natural home remedies to deal with these problems. Without side effects, natural remedies work to overcome the root causes of coughing and help us eliminate them.

Reporting from Boldsky, the following 11 natural ingredients that can help relieve cough:


The seeds are rich in antioxidants and proanthocyanidins which help cleanse the lungs and remove mucus. A glass of grape juice with honey is an excellent medicine for relieving coughing.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can immediately cure coughs. The benefits of warm ginger help relieve an irritated throat. One tablespoon of fresh grated ginger can be mixed with honey and consumed three times a day.

Betel leaf

Dun betel brings a warm feeling in the chest and helps calm the throat, and relieves coughing. If you don't like the taste, you can grind the betel leaf until smooth and rub it on the chest.

Biji Ajwain / Jintan

Chewing a few seeds or even boiling one teaspoon of carom seeds in water, and drinking with tea will not only help you get rid of coughing immediately, but will also remove phlegm from the airways.

Tulsi leaves

With antiseptic properties, Tulsi has the ability to cure various health problems including coughing. Tea made from 2-3 tulsi leaf cloves, will provide instant relief from coughs and colds. This will also help remove phlegm

Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and has immune enhancing properties that will help you fight chronic cough. A little cinnamon powder mixed with one tablespoon of honey in warm water, if taken first time in the morning, is known to eliminate the symptoms of cough and cold.

Turmeric and black pepper tea

Both turmeric and black pepper have strong antibacterial properties, which fight against coughing quickly. Turmeric is a natural ingredient that expels mucus and black pepper to encourage mucus circulation, giving you instant relief. Drinking a cup of warm tea with a little turmeric and black pepper can be the perfect remedy for coughing.

Ginger tea and honey

Both help remove mucus and refresh an irritated throat. Tea made with 3-4 pieces of ginger should be mixed with one teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon. This tea is refreshing and will help restore coughing much more easily.


Almonds have many phytochemicals and antioxidants that are easily digested and give you instant relief from sore throats. Soak the almonds overnight. Peel in the morning and grind until it becomes pasta. This paste can be consumed 2-3 times a day to eliminate coughing.


Onions have many mineral vitamins and antioxidants, and form natural remedies that are very good for coughing. Cut onions and soak overnight in drinking water. Eat two tablespoons of soaking water, 3-4 times a day to get rid of cough.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is known to relax the throat muscles. In addition, this oil also helps reduce congestion in the lungs by removing phlegm. Simply add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the hot water, then breathe the steam. This method can be done at night for effective results until the cough symptoms subside.
June 20, 2019

Tips for Fasting for Breastfeeding Mothers To Keep Breast Milk Smooth

Tips for Fasting for Breastfeeding Mothers To Keep Breast Milk Smooth

Nursing mothers may be hesitant when going to fasting. Because, the thought arises when fasting a body lacking fluids and nutrient intake will affect the quality of breast milk (ASI).

Some doctors think that fasting will not interfere with breast milk production. Nursing mothers who fast will still produce milk of the same quality. But keep in mind, do not let the weight of breastfeeding mothers drop dramatically because it will reduce the fat content in breast milk.

Meanwhile, several other doctors said that giving breast milk to the baby will make the mother dehydrated while fasting.

To answer these concerns, here are some tips cited from the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health's posting on its Instagram account, @kemenkes_ri.

1. Pay attention to the age of the child

Infants under 6 months are very dependent on breast milk, because they do not get other food intake. So, you need to pay attention to food intake for the mother to prevent babies from being malnourished.

2. Drink enough to avoid dehydration

Often when fasting makes the human body lack of fluids. Overcome this by adjusting the correct drinking pattern. The drinking pattern 2-4-2 can be applied. That is, two glasses when breaking fast, four glasses at night, and two glasses at dawn. Can also be added with fruit juice and milk.

3. Set the portion of food

Mothers who are breastfeeding are required to eat sahur and break their fast. The choice of foods recommended for nursing mothers such as broccoli, spinach, katuk, kidney beans, eggs, fish, and lean meat.

4. Pump and breastfeed as much as possible at night

This is recommended because the more often the milk is emptied, the more smoothly the production will be.
June 20, 2019

Ways to Overcome Depression With Self Acceptance

Ways to Overcome Depression With Self Acceptance

Depression is a disorder of feelings or moods that causes feelings of sadness that are persistent and difficult to disappear.

Depression causes a person to lose enthusiasm and interest in things that are liked, difficulty in carrying out normal routines, sometimes even feeling like wanting to end life.

This condition cannot be left alone because it will disrupt health conditions, both mental and physical.

James Madison University Professor of Psychology Gregg Henriques revealed, when experiencing depression, the first step to take is to realize that you are not alone.

"Focus on awareness and acceptance rather than resistance and conflict. This in the end can be done with compassion for ourselves and others, "he said, quoted from Psychologytoday, Saturday (1/6/2019).

Henriques continued, the next step that is no less important is to face the problems experienced. It's sad and draining of mind and energy, but facing problems is the best solution to solve them.

Convince yourself that everything will improve in time. The only strength that can be relied on is hope. If you still believe that there is good hope ahead, everything will improve, so you will be strong in the face of the current depressive episode

"The point is, you need to change your attitude. Changed from the attitude of running away or burying depression into the attitude to dare to see it. This may feel daunting and may seem contrary to what your instincts say, "he explained.
June 20, 2019

3 Effective Sports Burn Calories After Eating Lots During Eid

3 Effective Sports Burn Calories After Eating Lots During Eid

Increasing body weight is indeed a scourge that haunts people at the moment of Eid. Why not, the amount of food that is served makes us not hesitate to eat it many times.

In order to increase the body does not occur, in addition to reducing food rations, one way to maintain an ideal body weight is to do fat burning activities.

Quoted from, here are 3 types of exercise that effectively burn fat after eating a lot.

1. Yoga

If you eat too much, intense exercise seems too aggressive. Yoga is one sport that makes your body return to normal within 15 minutes.

According to Yoga Tamal instructor Dogde Suksana and Easy Pose movements are the mainstays to help smooth digestion and increase energy levels.

2. Jogging

An easy way for food to be absorbed properly and burned by itself is to do jogging activities a few minutes after a big meal. Sports coach Ariana Hundt says jogging is the most appropriate sport for you who have just eaten a lot.

3. Plank and Crunches

After eating a lot, it's important to pay attention to the fat deposits in the body. The best way to avoid food being a fat pile is to do muscle sports such as plank and crunches which are useful for training the abdominal muscles to prevent fat buildup in it.
June 20, 2019

This Is The Importance Of Magnesium and Potassium For Our Body

This Is The Importance Of Magnesium and Potassium For Our Body

During this time we generally only know that the body needs vitamins, proteins and minerals. As it turns out, specifically about minerals, if it is parsed further it will be known that the body does not only need one mineral element. For example, the benefits of magnesium and potassium for health.

Dr. Fatemeh Aghanasiri, General Practitioner at Aster Clinic, Dubai, explained that balancing magnesium and potassium levels is very important to maintain the body's energy.

"Magnesium  plays an important role in alots biochemical reactions in the body including food metabolism, fatty acid synthesis and protein, and transmission of nerve impulses," Aghanasiri was quoted as saying by TEMPO.CO from the Gulf News page.

The content of magnesium also plays an important role in reactions that produce energy in the body. Consumption of magnesium-rich foods is a must to keep energy levels up during Ramadan. Such foods include nuts such as almonds and cashews, dates, flaxseeds and green leafy vegetables.

Selan magnesium, don't forget the benefits of potassium.

"Potassium is also the main mineral that the body is very relied upon to function properly. "Salmon, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin, lentils, and sweet potatoes are good sources of potassium," added Aghanasiri.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eman Abisourour, Internal Medicine Consultant at the Valiant Clinic, Dubai said that if food intake is very bad at fasting, it can cause thinning of vitamins and important nutrients in the body, which can increase fatigue and lethargy.

Dehydration is also very common during Ramadan because many people are accustomed to reducing water intake and eating more caffeinated drinks.

Lebaran, which is only a few days away, is very important to regulate sleep hours, food intake and energy levels during the last few days of Ramadan.

"It's important to ease the body back into its normal routine. Make sure you eat balanced foods, usually mild ones, to make sure you don't interfere with your stomach and digestion, "Abisourour said.

Abisourour also recommends increasing sports sessions and hours of sleep per night closer to the Eid holidays.

"People have to try to sleep relatively early so that they can get enough rest and the body can enter the deep stage of sleep needed to replenish itself with enough energy," Abisourour added.
June 20, 2019

8 Tips to Prevent Pascalebar Disease

8 Tips to Prevent Pascalebar Disease

Homecoming is a tiring series of trips, so travelers must be vigilant and continue to make efforts to prevent post-epidemic diseases.

Academics and Clinical Practitioners Ari Fahrial Syam said that in order to be able to return to fresh condition, it is still necessary to limit foods that are too salty and sweet. He appealed to drink more, especially this time Lebaran accompanied by dry conditions.

"Reduce cold drinks and fried foods that will irritate our respiratory tract. So that when you have to return to your activities after the post-conflict period, you are still in good health, "
 he explained on Wednesday (06/06/2019)

As for anticipating post-epidemic disease, Ari, who works as a doctor of internal medicine, provides eight tips, so that the body stays fit and can move again.

1. Pay attention to eating and drinking especially the quality of the food and drink.

2. Pay attention to the number of calories from food or drink, even the smallest snack if sweet must contain calories.

3. Try to only consume 1 variety of side dishes, if you feel a snack (Eid cake) is consumed more reduce rice during large meals.

4. Avoid eating Chocolate contained snacks, cheese and fat. Because the mother has more calories 2 times more than carbohydrates.

5. Drink lots, at least more than 2 liters per day.

6. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, try 5 servings during breakfast, lunch and dinner and on the sidelines of the meal.

7. Still doing sports or moving activities, if hospitality can be reached by walking try to do it by walking.

8. Try to sleep for at least 6 hours, so that your body and mind can be refreshed.
June 20, 2019

Look at the Efficacy of Centella Asiatica for Skin Health

Look at the Efficacy of Centella Asiatica for Skin Health

Have you ever heard of centella asiatica plants? The plant is now a natural ingredient that is widely used by cosmetic companies to make skin care products.

Centella asiatica is also known as gotu kola. In Indonesia it is called Pegagan or Antanan. The plant is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants so it has a myriad of skin health benefits such as overcoming dry skin, itching, redness, and sensitive skin.

Plants that are widely grown in Asia, India, Africa and Central America are now widely used by skincare products. Starting from face wash, toner, serum, to ampule and mask. Here are a number of benefits of Centella Asiatica.

- Increases skin moisture

A scientific study revealed that the use of skincare products containing 5% formula of centella asiatica extract in 4 weeks can improve skin hydration and increase moisture barrier by 25%. The effect is similar to aloe vera.

- Reduces skin sensitivity to irritation

Centella asiatica is known to contain anti-inflammatory substances that can protect the skin and reduce the sensitivity of the skin which can cause irritation. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant content in Centella asiatica is said to reduce skin redness (erythema), restore skin moisture levels to optimal pH levels.

- Benefits of anti-aging

This plant extract is also useful for increasing collagen production and increasing elasticity and suppleness of the skin because it contains madecassoside compounds.

- Soothes and speeds healing of pimples and sensitive skin

The plant, also known as cica, is also known to be effective for treating acne prone skin. Cica can accelerate the healing of zits and prevent acne scars.